What we offer

We offer a variety of different website packages in order to simplify the process for our customers. They can also be customized in any way to fit exactly what an individual or business may need. We even offer $0 down websites, where there is no upfront cost - you only pay for monthly hosting. No contracts or commitments and we offer full refunds.

We have our prices right on our website. Customers pick exactly what they want, and that's it. No negotiating, no hidden fees, no nonsense. Once you start the process, we handle absolutely everything. Your website is done in 2-3 weeks - online, with your desired domain name. It works on all devices, has the proper formatting for search engines, and is beautiful and professional.


  • Prices range from $14.99 - $18.99 per month.
  • Your website is always up.
  • Website address is included in the price.


  • $14.99 per month - completely optional.
  • 2 content changes per month.
  • 25% off any additional work we do.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Included in certain packages.
  • Website designed to be found in searches.
  • Keywords utilized to improve traffic.

Pricing Options

  • Variety of affordable website packages.
  • Down payment with reduced monthly payments.
  • Custom packages - Get exactly the features you want.

Device Compatability


Works with all smart-phones including - Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Windows, and more.


Responsive design to scale perfectly to any and all devices.


Websites are light-weight and optimized for performance, to create a better user experience.


Websites support all major web browsers - Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Safari.

About Us

ReJicus Web Design

We deliver on our idea of simplicity by providing customers with a price right on our website. The longer we do business, the more we see what is important to our customers: simplicity, price, efficiency, and results. While there are some that like being very involved in all steps of the process, the vast majority expect us to handle the small details, so they can continue to focus on their own business. That's why we break our websites into easy to understand packages. It allows customers to pick a package based on their budget, and the results they would like to see, without having to spend hours on every little detail. Unlike other companies, we use packages to help you - which means we also allow you to customize any package however you want. Add, remove, or substitute features and components if you want - or don't. It's completely up to you.